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We will show you what those narrow streets of Bratislava with secret places can offer to you. The best bars in the city with Slovak beer & strong Slovak alcohol and most of all – parties until sunrise! Are you planning a birthday party for your friend? Celebrating last night of freedom? Or just discovering nightlife in Bratislava? The Bratislava Hangover Team is right here for you to make the best party ever!
We offer three types of tours (we can also arrange a hotel for you)

Bratislava Hangover Tour
Bratislava Hangover Tour is ideal for:
⦁ stag parties
⦁ bachelor parties
⦁ groups of people who just want to have fun!
In the first bar which is also our meeting point, you have unlimited power hour of FREE beer. So you can drink as much as you want for full one hour! Afterwards, we visit 3 more places where you have FREE welcome shots and FREE entry to the last place! Our tour lasts for 4 hours but you can dance and sing at the  last place until the morning!
Only EUR 39 per person

Taste of Slovakia Tour
When you are visiting Slovakia for the first time, the one thing you definitely need to try is fabulous Slovak halušky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese) with homemade plum alcohol – slivovica! This tour lets you experience typical Slovak atmosphere and is here hosted by a Slovak guide. What is more, a little sweet Slovak surprise awaits you. But don't forget! As a Hangover Tour, right after the delicious dinner we will take you to the best local places. The night ends with singing and dancing in a club until early morning.
⦁ Slovak dinner
⦁ best bars & clubs
⦁ welcome shots
⦁ local Slovak guide
⦁ free entry
⦁ lots of fun
Only EUR 49 per person

The Great Boobieland tour
Once upon a time there was a stag celebrating his last night of freedom in Bratislava. Our princess guides took him and his crew to two strip clubs with beautiful gogo queens. At each place they had a sip of magical elixir (welcome shots) and when they had enough of Slovak beauty they entered the party world in the best club in Bratislava. Do you want to be a part in the same fairy-tale?
⦁ local Slovak guide
⦁ boobies everywhere
⦁ welcome shots
⦁ lap dance
⦁ free entry
⦁ lots of fun!
Only EUR 79 per person